We supply, design, build, maintain and teach all aspects of living willow.

We grow several varieties of willow, all different colours and properties, some more suited to finer basket and craft work while others great for living willow structure work.

The willow we cut goes to many causes, schools for structure work and environmental education, the Environment Agency has a number of bundled faggots each year to provide spawning areas for fish, florists make use of the tips whilst volunteer groups build obelisks for local council high street growing projects, if you have a project in mind and think we can help please contact us.

Living willow courses are held at the coppice throughout the winter months, providing hands on experience that will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to build and maintain something special. Each of our courses we build a number of living willow items:


  • Fedge Lines
  • Arches
  • Tunnels
  • Domes
  • Outdoor living rooms
  • Arborsculpture


Some items are transportable so you can take them home. There is quite a lot of information throughout the day so we will make sure you leave with our hand out that covers everything you have learnt through the day.

On arriving a hot beverage is available, followed by a guided tour around the coppice giving you the ins and outs of how the site works, shows all the different stages of the willow cycle and will give you an idea or two about pest control. 

Living willow will be available already bundled  to take away on the day.

As an alternative to a workshop at the coppice, we can come to a site of your choosing and teach you while we build, this can include groups of children at a school or team building at your office.


Live willow cuttings available from December - March.

Cuttings are 12" long and are cut and posted same day. Several varieties available. 

Bundles of live willow stems available in singles 10's and 100's.



Live willow rods up to 14ft long suitable for living willow building work also available from December - March.



If your structure has grown out of control or you do not have the time to maintain it then contact us and we can arrange a visit to help you get back on track.