We hear time after time about how people fondly remember making a basket in their youth at school, some of these memories are from over 50 years ago! 

With a modern twist on willow work we can still help create these future memories and slip in subliminal nature education to all ages.

We can run workshops for single classes or whole schools, students or teachers maybe even PTA groups, workshops can be run all throughout the year for many occasions - Easter, Spring, Halloween, Christmas.



 The two different types of workshops


Dried willow workshops use willow that has been cut and dried then re-soaked to be made pliable again, they can be held anytime, inside or out (weather depending), these workshops are suitable for all years and are hands on allowing everyone the chance to create something amazing with very little help that they can take away with them.



Living willow workshops use freshly cut willow to build structures such as domes, tunnels, arches, castles, ships....

This is an outdoor activity that will be planted in the ground and left to grow. Living willow workshops can only be done in the dormant months between November and March.

Living willow structures are planted in the ground so would not be something the student could take home but all the branches that grow from it could be harvested and used for crafts! 






Site visits 

A visit to the willow coppice to see the willow growing and learn more about the different types, the history, the management and the opportunity to choose, coppice and bundle your own willow for your school is available, contact us for more details.