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When to intervene

It's sometimes hard to know when to intervene when you come across a bird that you believe needs help.  This is why we usually ask for photos or a video when responding to messages.

If a bird has obvious injuries, or has been attacked, then it definitely needs help.

Did you know that cat saliva carries a bacteria called Pasteurella.  Even the tiniest scratch or puncture wound on a bird will result in blood poisoning if not treated quickly with antibiotics.  This is why all cat attack victims should be taken to a rehabber or rescue, even if you can't see any wounds.

During Spring and Summer, you may see a lot of fledglings on the ground.  This is perfectly normal.  Fledglings are usually fully feathered when they jump out of the nest.  They then spend several days or weeks on the ground being looked after by the parents till they learn to fly.  Leave them be.  They do not need help.  Keep pets and children away from them till they find their wings and fly off.

If you find a baby bird without feathers, or only partially feathered, and you cannot see the nest to put it back - keep the bird warm.  Cold babies will die.  They need a gentle heat source.  They cannot make their own heat, so wrapping them up is no good.  Use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, or keep them in a warm hand till you can get help.  Do not try to give food or water.

If you see an adult bird that you think needs help.  Try to contain it.  If you can easily catch it, it definitely needs assistance.

If a bird hits a window, please contain it and put it in a box with a towel somewhere safe, quiet and dark for a few hours.  It may just have concussion and hopefully will come round after a while.  Do not heat up concussed birds.  This can cause swelling on the brain.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVER SYRINGE OR DRIP WATER INTO A BIRDS MOUTH.  Their airway is a hole at the back of their tongue.  One wrong drop in their airway will cause aspiration and the bird will drown slowly and painfully. Baby birds get all their moisture from food so you should never give a baby water.

Please get in touch for further help or advice.


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